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Created to Create


Recently while teaching a class of eager college students, one young person stated unapologetically and in no uncertain terms his belief that, “We were created to create.” His rather emphatic statement sparked a great discussion, including the question about purpose. While it is not so surprising that a group of college students in a World Religions course would erupt into serious discussion around purpose or why any of us are here in the first place, it is very interesting that more and more corporate executives are landing on this precise question – “What is My Purpose?”

The fact is many executives are not only seriously considering the question, but also understanding the connection between purpose and superior results. Even more interesting, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review suggested that clarity of purpose fueled by courageous pursuit tops the list of the most important priorities in leadership development. Truthfully, this helps me breathe a sigh of relief, as I have been helping others find purpose professionally and personally for as long as I can remember – long before I myself embraced true purpose and took courage to make a career change after two decades in the practice of law. That said, it seems only fitting that today I address the issue of purpose since I am preparing in a few short weeks to lead a group of University professionals down the path of answering this very question.

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “Am I fulfilling the purpose for which I was called and created?” Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are in this world by accident or that you were not uniquely designed to fulfill a particular purpose. There is a reason for your existence, and it is the privilege of each of us to find our road to purpose.

Perhaps you have asked yourself the question over and over again with few answers. Like my students, I suggest it is a question greater than you and best left to the Creator. But there are a few things you might consider. Have you slowed down long enough to hear your life’s call? Sometimes the key is in quietly shutting out the noise of life so that you might hear what life is saying. Don’t be afraid to look back over your life. Life really does speak. Look at the places you frequent, the things outside of you that bring you joy, the kind of people and things that draw you as well as the people and things to which you are drawn. Volunteer your time giving back; get involved in a project about which you have great passion or concern. Listen, listen, listen, and listen even more. Get in the habit of listening for life at all times. Listen to conversations you have with others; listen to the conversations you have with yourself; and listen to the conversations between others. Life’s goal is not to hide your purpose. Rather, it is to call you and then usher you into purpose. Your responsibility is to get into a place where you can absolutely hear the call.

Ask, seek, knock, listen, and when life speaks be prepared to take up the challenge life places before you. Become a more critical thinker, and give your best to each day life gives you. Expand your dialogue with others, and do not be afraid to ask (of those you trust) what they see in you understanding you were Created to Create.

williams_geneace09_v3  Until Next Time, Best Wishes on the Journey, Dr. G

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The Good In Giving


At some point in life, most of us are tempted to become weary in well-doing. The weary temptation may be especially true in the lives of those who have given unselfishly in a life of service to others. You might want to know how long it will take before you experience the breakthrough that you have been seeking. Despite the lure, you must hold fast and not give in to the weariness temptation. It is true we reap what we sow, and it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Perhaps it is time for those of us who are known by the title leader to view giving and serving through a different lens. Instead of viewing giving from the perspective of how much we are blessing someone else through our gift, it might be more fruitful to consider the ability to give as a gift itself. In that way, giving would be as much a blessing to the giver as it is to the recipient.  In other words, if we look at the opportunity and privilege of giving as a gift to the giver, it could positively impact our thinking about the value in giving or the value in doing good.

Expressed another way, gratitude has been defined as thankfulness or the state of being grateful. Most often, however, it is a response to having been the recipient of something tangible. Yet, there is another way in which to consider the significance of gratitude. What if we were more grateful for the opportunity and privilege of being able to give and make a difference in the lives of others? I imagine it could transform the source of our joy. After all, transforming our source of joy could very well lead to a greater sense of gratitude.  Recognizing the gift inherent in giving speaks volumes about the true nature of gratitude.

williams_geneace09_v3 Until Next Time, Best Wishes on the Journey, Dr. G

copyright © 2015 Geneace Williams