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Courage Over Comfort!

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Last week I challenged you to “Fuel Your Passion” by setting an intention that is aligned with what you desire to achieve in life.  That intention, I suggested, must be turned into action steps to move you in the direction of your life’s purpose.  Since last week, I hope you have given yourself permission and time to think about you, as you cannot effectively help others until first you have “tended to self.”

Interestingly, when I sat down to think about what I would share this week, I thought about a quote that is near and dear to me – one that inspires me every time I read it, hear it repeated, or just think of it.  “The Possibility of Extraordinary Begins at the Edge of Comfort.”  Thinking of this quote led me back to the pages of my first book and a discussion about comfort versus courage.   Anyone can walk in comfort, but courage requires an entirely different mindset.  Consider the process of learning to swim.  “In swimming, the instructor starts his student in the shallow end.  The shallow end experience is meant to help the student become less fearful of the unknown, more knowledgeable and comfortable in the water, and at ease with swimming technique.  In essence, a student’s time in the shallow end is designed to teach an important how-to lesson while simultaneously minimizing fear of launching into the deep.  The shallow water is akin to ‘easy’ because a swimmer can reduce risk and difficulty by simply changing his position to a stand.”

“In life, just as in swimming, there are those who have not allowed themselves the gift of release from shallow water thinking.  Shallow water thinking limits one’s imagination.  It prevents you from moving beyond what is comfortable.  It tempts you to continue with things that offer little challenge and stimulus for growth.  It leaves room for fear and doubt and edges out courage.  In fact, it discourages you from pushing yourself to the next level of performance.  It disavows you of faith and champion thinking and certainly limits your ability to accomplish what is beyond your immediate reach.”  Shallow water is the place of comfort, and your time there should be limited and temporary.  It is more than probable an impediment to achieving purpose.  But courage challenges you to release shallow and comfort because the greatest things in life happen outside your comfort zone.

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Today I encourage you to move beyond the familiar and take a step toward the unfamiliar.  Move in the direction of something that is much larger than you – something that challenges you to dig deeper.  There is much more inside of you than you know.  Take a deep breath and march right up to the edge of your comfort zone and let go as if you are approaching the edge of a cliff prepared to jump.  Don’t be tempted to allow fear to talk you into remaining in comfort.  The parachute of life is bound to open.  And there the real work begins…

Quoted material taken from: Leadership DASH: Breaking Through the Finish Line

 Copyright © 2015 Geneace Williams


Fuel Your Passion


“A Desire for Success Without the Drive and Discipline of Pursuit Is Nothing More Than a Wish. Live Beyond Interest”  – Geneace Williams

Several years ago, a client began calling me Dr. G.  And – It Stuck! He often thanked me and said he appreciated the “Wisdom” I shared with him on his journey in life.  I must admit I cannot take credit for being wise or having substance to share with others. In fact, I am clear it is a Gift from God – one that I do not take lightly or for granted. It is something I have been doing since childhood – even before I had the ability to recognize I had been given a Gift. Thankfully, and because of the gift of great parents, one thing I have learned over many years is that a Gift is to be shared.  So with the gift of time, and for such a time as this, I have made a commitment to use this ‘Gift of Wisdom’ for the greater good of those who follow, read and find value in what I share.

That said – you have stumbled across Weekly Wisdom with Dr. G. It is our place and our time to connect on a regular basis.  It is my opportunity to share this and that, tips and truths, and yes a bit of opinion and encouragement as you strap on your shoes and continue ‘the journey’ called life.

Today I encourage you to “Fuel Your Passion.”  It is the beginning of a brand new year – the time when many are busy setting new goals.  This year, challenge yourself to do something different, something more. Resist the temptation to simply set another goal.  Rather, set an Intention!  In other words, a desire for success is not sufficient to drive you to achieve what you were born to do.  Intention must be turned into intentionality and become words in action. Intentionality is having the drive and discipline to pursue your purpose until your destiny you have reached. Intentionality means you do the things for you that will lead you to work until the work is done. When you fall, as we all do, Get Up, and Get Up Quickly. Dust yourself off, re-examine where you are headed and the path you have chosen to get you there.  Doing so will help you live beyond a mere interest in something and live into the required commitment and pursuit that allows things to happen.

You would never get into your car headed on a long road trip without fueling your automobile.  How much more important is it that you fuel the temple that is facilitating the fulfillment of your life-long passion.  So begin anew today!  Develop a morning routine that fuels your mind, body and spirit – exercise, meditate, read, recite affirmations, listen to energetic music, and eat a good breakfast.  These simple kinds of things will take you much farther than you ever imagined.   They are the precursor to a full tank.  Start each day with ample fuel to get you through the rigor of pursuing a passion.  Don’t wish for success in life.  Go after it, and begin today by giving it all “you got”!

Until next week, Dr. G